Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms



Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms

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Have you ever wondered which exercises are best for targeting your biceps and forearms? Well, today we’re going to compare two popular exercises: incline curls and concentration curls. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase muscle definition, or simply switch up your routine, understanding the benefits of these two exercises will help you achieve your fitness goals.

First up, let’s talk about incline curls. This exercise is performed on an incline bench, which allows for a greater range of motion and targets the biceps and forearms more effectively. By lying on the incline bench with your chest supported and your arms hanging straight down, you can fully extend your arms during the curling motion.

This not only helps to engage the biceps and forearms, but also activates the stabilizer muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Incline curls are great for adding size to your biceps as they target the long head of the muscle, which is responsible for that coveted peak. Plus, the incline position puts less strain on your lower back, making it a safer option for those with back issues.

Concentration curls, on the other hand, are a classic exercise that isolates the biceps and forearms. To perform this exercise, you sit on a bench with your feet firmly planted on the ground and one arm resting against the inner thigh. Holding a dumbbell in your hand, you curl your arm up towards your shoulder while keeping your upper arm stationary.

Concentration curls are fantastic for honing in on the biceps and forearms, as they eliminate any cheating or involvement of other muscles. The isolation allows you to really focus on the muscles you’re targeting and create the necessary mind-muscle connection. This exercise is great for building definition and toning your biceps and forearms, making it a staple in many workout routines.

When it comes to building impressive biceps and forearms, there are various exercises to consider. Two popular options are incline curls and concentration curls. Both exercises target the biceps and forearms but have their own unique benefits and differences. In this article, we will compare incline curls and concentration curls to help you determine which exercise is best for you.

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Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms

Benefits of Incline Curls

Increased Range of Motion

One significant advantage of incline curls is the increased range of motion they offer compared to other curl variations. By performing the exercise on an incline bench, you can fully stretch your biceps at the bottom of the movement, resulting in a more comprehensive muscle activation. The increased range of motion also leads to a greater muscle stretch, which can contribute to muscle growth and development over time.

Engages the Biceps Brachii

The biceps brachii, the primary muscle targeted during bicep exercises, is effectively engaged during incline curls. This muscle is responsible for flexing the elbow joint and supinating the forearm. Incline curls specifically target the long head of the biceps brachii, helping to develop a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing bicep shape.

Enhances Biceps Peak

If you’re looking to develop an impressive biceps peak, incline curls can be particularly beneficial. The exercise places a greater emphasis on the long head of the biceps, which contributes to the peak appearance of the muscle when properly developed. By incorporating incline curls into your training routine, you can help create the desired biceps shape and definition.

Benefits of Concentration Curls

Isolation of the Biceps

Concentration curls are renowned for their ability to isolate the biceps. By placing the arm in a fixed position against the thigh and using a single dumbbell, concentration curls eliminate some potential cheating and overall involvement of other muscle groups. This isolation allows for optimal bicep contraction, ensuring that the muscle is thoroughly targeted and stimulated.

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Strengthens the Brachialis

The brachialis is a muscle located underneath the biceps brachii. It plays a crucial role in arm flexion and contributes significantly to overall arm strength and size. Concentration curls effectively target and strengthen the brachialis, helping to develop a more full and well-rounded appearance to the arms.

Improves Grip Strength

In addition to directly targeting the biceps and brachialis, concentration curls also provide an excellent opportunity to improve grip strength. The exercise requires a firm grip on the dumbbell to maintain control throughout the movement. Regularly performing concentration curls can help strengthen the muscles of the forearm responsible for gripping, resulting in increased grip strength for various daily activities or other exercises.

Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms

Execution of Incline Curls

To properly execute incline curls, follow these steps:

  1. Set up an incline bench to a comfortable angle.
  2. Hold a pair of dumbbells with a supinated grip (palms facing up).
  3. Rest your upper arms on the incline bench, ensuring that your elbows are slightly in front of your torso.
  4. Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders while exhaling.
  5. Squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position while inhaling.
  6. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Execution of Concentration Curls

To perform concentration curls correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Sit on a bench with your legs spread apart.
  2. Hold a dumbbell in one hand with a supinated grip.
  3. Rest your elbow on the corresponding thigh, slightly above the knee.
  4. Fully extend your arm, allowing the weight to hang down towards the floor.
  5. While keeping your upper arm stationary, curl the dumbbell up towards your shoulder by contracting your biceps.
  6. Squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions before switching to the other arm.
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Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms

Muscles Targeted by Incline Curls

Incline curls primarily target the following muscles:

  • Biceps brachii: The primary muscle responsible for elbow flexion and supination.
  • Brachialis: Located underneath the biceps, this muscle contributes to overall arm size and strength.
  • Anterior deltoid: The front part of the shoulder is activated to a lesser extent during incline curls.
  • Forearm flexors: Muscles responsible for flexing the wrist and finger joints are engaged as a stabilizing force during the movement.

Muscles Targeted by Concentration Curls

Concentration curls primarily target the following muscles:

  • Biceps brachii: The main muscle that contributes to the shape and size of the biceps.
  • Brachialis: Located below the biceps, this muscle adds mass and contributes to overall arm strength.
  • Brachioradialis: Located in the forearm, this muscle assists in elbow flexion and contributes to forearm size and strength.
  • Forearm flexors: These muscles work to stabilize and support the arm during the exercise.
Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms

Equipment Required for Incline Curls

To perform incline curls, you will need the following equipment:

  • Incline bench: Make sure it is sturdy and can be adjusted to various angles.
  • Dumbbells: Choose a weight that allows you to perform the exercise with proper form and control.

Equipment Required for Concentration Curls

Concentration curls can be performed with minimal equipment:

  • Bench: A flat bench that provides a stable surface for sitting is sufficient.
  • Dumbbells: Select a dumbbell that challenges your biceps without compromising form and control.
Comparing Incline Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps and Forearms


Both incline curls and concentration curls are valuable exercises when it comes to targeting the biceps and forearms. Incline curls offer an increased range of motion, engage the biceps brachii, and enhance the biceps peak. On the other hand, concentration curls provide isolation of the biceps, strengthen the brachialis, and improve grip strength.

When deciding between the two exercises, consider your individual goals and preferences. If you are looking to develop a well-rounded bicep shape with an emphasis on the peak, incline curls may be more suitable. If isolation, brachialis strength, and grip improvement are your priorities, concentration curls would be a great choice.

Remember to always use proper form and start with an appropriate weight for your fitness level. As with any exercise, listen to your body, and gradually increase the weight or intensity as you progress. Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate variations and modifications to these exercises to keep your workout routine challenging and enjoyable.

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